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Tom Brown grew up in the high desert area of Central Oregon. His love for birds and photography started at a young age. After birding for many years in the Pacific Northwest, he and his wife Jeanne, have relocated on the Baja, in La Paz, México. Now, having explored this area for several years, he is sharing his love and knowledge of these wonderful mexican birds with guests from all over the world.

Please feel free to browse through this site to enjoy the information and photos we have placed here, and don’t hesitate to drop us a note for more information about La Paz, the birds that live here, and the services we offer.



We are working in conjunction with Tailhunters International, a local fishing and outdoor activities company. They provide the highest quality service including everything from picking you up at the La Paz or Los Cabos airport, setting up your La Paz accommodations and lodging; and scheduling additional activities such as sport fishing, scuba diving; whale watching; snorkeling, sightseeing; city tours and more!


Tom Brown, your host and local guide has been photographing birds for 4 decades now, and shares some of his day to day exploits on his personal blog


Tom also is the México Beat Writer for the international website, 10000 Birds. His weekly story is posted every Wednesday morning


Enjoy amazing photography from around the world, as well as forums to cover virtually any aspect of the bird world!


Check in on the La Paz, México weather with Weather Underground. On this site, you can not only find a ten day forecast, but check weather history for the La Paz area to see what you might expect for the time of your visit.