Travel info

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Ahh, Baja...

List of recommended equipment

Spotting scope, binoculars, small field type back pack, with water bottle and bug spray. Sun screen, good sun blocking hat, and possibly a field guide. We believe the best guide for this area would be the Sibley Field Guide to western US. There are a few birds you might see, that are not included in that guide, but it is without a doubt the most complete.

Clothing recommendations

Light hiking boots and durable jeans type pants, due to the aggressive plant life. Drab colors…help to blend in. We will not be in national parks or established reserves….these birds are less likely to be used to people, so being less colorful is a help.


For the most part, the areas we will traverse will be quite level, but there could be some minor elevation changes and loose, sand like footing.

Weather conditions

The Southern Baja, can have a wide variety of temperature changes, depending on the time of year you are visiting. The migratory season, November thru March will generally see highs in the 80’s F (26 C) with overnight lows down to 50F (10 C). Once we move closer to the summer season, the nighttime lows will be in high 70’s (21 C) to low 80’s F (26 C) and the daytime highs can go as high as 105F (40 C). It is quite common to see 95 F + or – (35 C) every day during the summer. Summer time rains are common, mostly August thru October, so a light rain gear would be recommended then.

What's not included?

Optional tips to the tour leader, baggage handlers, shuttle drivers, etc; international and domestic flights to get here; any passport or visa fees; excess baggage fees; snacks; additional drinks apart from those included; alcoholic beverages; travel insurance; excursions not included in the tour itinerary; extras in hotels such as laundry service, minibar, room service, telephone calls, and personal items; medical fees; other items or services not specifically mentioned as being included.

We offer several very diverse areas that we do our guided trips to, with the time of year, weather, tides, and guest preferences helping to make those decisions. Multi-day visits will allow us to coordinate the best opportunity to see as many species as possible for your visit. Below is a list of just a few of the areas we can arrange a tour of.