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Enjoy a custom tailored birding experience with internationally recognized photographer and Ornithologist Tom Brown. Whether you are looking for a specific group of birds that are here in the Baja California Sur, adding some of our endemic species to your life list, or just an enjoyable morning observing some of the wonderful birds that inhabit this remarkable area, we can fit an adventure to meet your needs. These trips can be specialized for location and spotting the species, or a more photography oriented event, depending on your preferences.

The La Paz area has a very diverse list of birds that, and depending on the time of year can reach as high as 350 different species. From the tidal flats, to the high desert montane oak and pine forests, we can help you to observe some of the wonderful birds that reside in Baja California Sur, México.

Please contact us for more information, and allow us to help make your trip to the Baja, a wonderful experience, spent with our fine feathered friends.


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