Focus On Feathers

Ever since I started this site, as a way to communicate with my friends and tour customers, it had always been my intention to expand the horizons of my birding as well as my photography. On January 1st, I temporarily stopped the operations of Focus On Feathers Guiding, and began a year of exploration. This was to be an exploration of the world, the birds that live there, and an internal, more personal search of myself. One year later, I had traveled all the way around the earth, visited 10 countries, and got to experience not only the birds of these wonderful countries, but the culture, and people of several very different nations.  I will now be rebuilding this site, in an effort to allow you to experience the world, the birds and the people, as I have seen them.

We have settled, for the time being, in Tucson, Arizona. This is such a wonderful part of the country, with a very diverse habitat, and wonderful birds to match each of these areas. I am hoping to become much more publicly involved with the world of birding, with so many opportunities to give back to the Birding Community, which has given me so much for so many years. I will continue to post stories on 10000Birds.com, as well as I strive to a better job on my own personal blog, RamblingsOfTheBirdNerd@blogspot.com.


Tom Brown


Xantus's Hummingbird